• No Shoe Off are double-sided adhesive mini insoles that stick your feet to your shoes.
  • They are transparent and designed for high heels, ballet pumps, sandals, clogs or mules, but can also be worn in any shoe.
  • No Shoe Off stick your feet to your shoes for hours while walking quickly and dancing.
  • Thanks to its gel body it provides comfort when walking and prevents painful or swollen feet.
  • No Shoe Off is delicate and safe for our skin and the inside of our shoes.
  • They are washable and resuable.
  • No Shoe Off is designed to be used with barefeet, without tights or socks.
  • No Shoe Off has two different shapes, Rain Drops which sticks the heel of your foot to the shoe and Tulip Hearts which sticks the ball of your foot to the shoe. You can even use Rain Drop and Tulip Heart in the same shoes if necessary.
  • No ShoeOff is a unique patent pending product.
  • Each packet of No Shoe Off contains 2 insoles.

Method of use

  1. Make sure that your feet and the inside of the shoes are clean, dry and without any creams or anything similar.
  2. Hold the insole and peel back the plastic protector from one side. Save the protectors for when you store the insole after use.
  3. Place the insole inside the shoe and press down for a couple of seconds. If it’s Rain Drop, place it in the back part of the shoe and if it’s Tulip Heart in the front part.
  4. Peel back the top plastic protector, place your foot in the shoe and press down for a couple of seconds until you notice that it is secure. Repeat the same process with the other shoe.
  5. For the best results stand for 2 minutes pressing down with your feet before walking or dancing to ensure adequate adhesion
Quitar film protector interior  Pegar el producto al zapato en la parte trasera  Quitar el film protector exterior  Introducir el pie en el zapato y esperar unos segundos

Tip: It is recommended trying the shoe with the insole in place before removing the plastic protectors to ensure the best position.


How to remove No Shoe Off

  1. Peel back the plastic protector as carefully as possible.
  2. If it’s possible, insert your thumb into the shoe to hold the insole in place when removing the shoe.
  3. Unstick the insole from the inside of the shoe by pulling from one side to the other whilst holding the inside of the shoe.
Tip: It is recommended to wash and dry the insole after use and use the plastic protectors to store them until the next use.

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