Toes Model

2 double sided adhesive mini insoles. The Toes Model is designed for shoes where the front part of your foot might slip.

Stick the ball of your foot to the inside of the shoe. Avoid your foot slipping forward in open toe shoes like sandals and clogs. An innovative product. Moreover, thanks to its gel body it provides comfort when walking and prevents painful or swollen feet. They are washable and reusable

Quitar film protector interior  Pegar el producto al zapato en la parte delantera  Quitar el film protector exterior  Introducir el pie en el zapato y esperar unos segundos  Lavar  Secar y usar de nuevo 

Important! The product is designed to use without tights.

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No shoe off

Stick your feet to your shoes

Discover how to stick the front part of you foot to your shoe in this video thanks to our Toes Model adhesive mini insoles.

With No Shoe Off... Your shoes won't slip off when you walk!